Impact of using STAT Sport (GPS) trackers with learners in Sports Department

What is the impact on learning of using current industry technology with students in the Sports Department?

About the project


The rationale for how the trackers will improve learning is as follows:

• The benefits of having the GPS trackers within the department are that we are preparing students for the workplace as well as higher education, this technology used within both areas. These will be used across all 150 sports students and could be used with our partners within the university studies department. The GPS trackers will also help with student recruitments, as can show pre 16 students how relevant and up to date the department is.
• Recording students and athlete’s information using GPS devices means we are able build a log of fitness levels, improvements in performances and can monitor the effectiveness of training effects and training loads, which would be a huge asset to our students.

1. Will conduct an interview before the trackers are used with Ryan Taylor (Course Director Level 3 Sports and Fitness) about the potential impact and learning of using the trackers with the students and how they will be used within their curriculum plans.
2. Will capture some student voice about how they think the trackers will enhance their learning.
3. Students will then complete an evaluation and write a reflection about the impact of the trackers once they have been able to use them for at least six weeks.
4. Will interview Ryan and any other colleagues involved with using the trackers to share their views about the impact on learning and engagement by the students once the students have been using them for at least six weeks.

Research findings

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