How Forest School theories and practice can be adjusted to benefit FE & HE learners

How can Forest School theory and practice improve learning success for FE and HE students?

About the project

How do you intend to measure the impact of your project?

  • Personal reflection from student participants
  • Before and after questionnaire
  • Vlog of the process
  • Interview of staff working with the young people to measure classroom engagement. (in particular the maths and English team)
  • College attendance percentages
  • Student progression data

Who is going to be involved in your project?

  • The project will be focused on working with different groups of students, level 1 through to level 3 and HE learners.
  • They will have additional sessions to experience outdoor learning to assess the benefits to their overall learning experience.
  • Consent well be gained as the participants will be volunteering to take part in the sessions.
  • Anonymity can be easily provided by not using their names or personal information in any reports.

Outline of activity

  • I will undertake forest school leadership training to improve my own knowledge and practice so that I can adjust the forest school principles and apply that to FE and
    HE learning.
  • Complete forest school leadership qualification and use course case studies as evidence of benefit of the lessons
  • I shall source research papers on outdoor learning and investigate whether they marry up to the experience of FE and HE learners.
  • Survey staff for opinions and evidence interest
  • Survey student’s opinions and evidence interest
  • I will work with;
  • Level 1 Foundation students to evidence how taking them out of the classroom will be a benefit in general to their FE experience, also evidencing how outdoor learning will improve their resilience and personal risk assessing to develop confidence in managing new situations which will contribute to their employability.
  • Level 1 childcare students that are not engaging well with their maths and English.
  • Level 3 Childcare and HE childcare to offer hands on, practical experience of Forest school, to enhance their learning experience of current best practice in this field. Currently the learning programs offer forest school theory but are lacking in the practical experience. This will benefit their learning and employment opportunities as Forest school is becoming more recognised and used with young children.
  • I will use written case studies from my training to highlight the student development and benefits
  • Research and study will start in October 2021 and completion of case studies will be March 2022.


Workshops with students will start end of October or early November ongoing until February.

This can be shared via Padlet or using PowerPoint. Possibly vlogs from the students and staff involved

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