Apprentices’ End Point Assessment (EPA)

How can apprentices be supported for their End Point Assessment?

About the project

What is the project about?

How can apprentices be supported for their End Point Assessment?

  • Subject updating – using the research to update practice with apprentices to provide appropriate support through their process whilst they are in the classroom.
  • Industry Updating – working with the employers of apprentices to promote a working relationship regarding support for apprentices with their EPA.

Aims and desirable outcomes

I predict that students will require a checklist to help them to collect evidence to put towards their EPA portfolio as often they will question what pieces of evidence need to be included. They may even want to practice the questioning of the knowledge test and professional discussion involved to gain confidence. They may want to collect evidence whilst they’re progressing through the course rather than collecting it all together towards the end of their course. They may want their employer to carry out a mock assessment when they’re in their workplace to be familiar with the process and questioning.

What is the project currently achieving?

Yasmin Hirst on how the project is being measured

I will provide questionnaires via Google Form to the apprentices who are currently due to go through Gateway and progress to their EPA. I will also provide questionnaires via Google Forms to the apprentices who are at the start of their study as well as those who are halfway through so I can gain an insight as to where their knowledge regarding collecting evidence for Gateway and EPA’s begin and what support they feel they may need. I will then hold a Q&A session with the apprentices who have experienced the Gateway and EPA process over the next month or 2 (I have currently had 0 apprentices go through this process for the Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce) to establish what worked well for them throughout this process and what additional support could have been beneficial to prepare them. I will also use the results from the apprentices EPA to establish if there are common areas of weakness which I can look to support further. I will also document how other FE colleges have performed with their apprentices. I will hold a Q&A session with the employers to establish the support they have in place for their apprentice as sometimes I feel employers believe all support for their apprentice should only come from the college as opposed to it being a working partnership.

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