Effective delivery of the Early Years Educator T-Level occupational specialism

We are currently delivering the core component for the Childcare and Education T-Level as a wave two provider and will be offering the Early Years Educator occupational specialism in 2022-23.

About the project

What is the project about?

The focus of this project is how wave one T-Level providers are beginning to deliver the content within the early years educator specialism and what works in effective practice. It will also consider local employers’ perspective on their experience of providing placement opportunities for our T-Level students and what they feel would be beneficial for delivery/development in the classroom.

T-Levels have been developed as “a prestigious technical alternative to A Levels” (DfE, 2021, p.33) and this project aims to establish effective practice for ensuring delivery meets these high expectations.

Aims and desirable outcomes

Due to the overlap and spiral curriculum structure of the T-Level programme I predict that much of the teaching in the occupational specialism will be revisiting and consolidating understanding of core components. In undertaking this project I am hoping to provide greater understanding of planning and preparing materials for tutors delivering the occupational specialism in 2022.

The DfE (2017) advocates approaches where tutors “engage in collaborative planning to develop their skills and knowledge, to share expertise, and to benefit from the expertise of their peers” as a means of reducing teacher workload.

What is the project currently achieving?

Sarah Foreman on how the project is being measured

As this is a short-term project there will not be time to put into practice with students the knowledge gained from the research, however teachers planning to deliver the occupational specialism will gain confidence in what should be offered and how. Digital resources for use from September 2022 may be developed in preparation for delivery.

Confidence measures with teachers/assessors planning for delivery will be undertaken at the start of the project and again at the end when information has been collected and collated to measure distance travelled.

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