Developing employability skills post COVID through exam preparation

How exam preparation can help learners develop employability skills?

About the project

What is the project about?

Over the past two years, our students have undergone studying from home which has resulted in them not being fully prepared to sit exams. As our students are in the category of 16-19 years old (and due to the above) they have no concept or full understanding as to what is required to prepared / take an exam.

This year, I enrolled on a GCSE course and approaching the end of the course, I was provided with the previous year’s papers and conducted multiple mock exams.
I successfully completed this GCSE but upon reflection, I really do believe that without the opportunity of reviewing past papers, conducting mock exams, I would have not achieved this GCSE – or at the very least, struggled to gain the grade I got without them.

This helped me with your own employability skills and in turn how you foresee it could support students with employability skills.

The jump from college to working in the salon can be hard, in turn having a greater understanding of the subject matter will then in turn lead to standing out from the crowd and being fae more employable.

I believe our students should also have this same opportunity as I did so in light of this, I wish to create

  • Subject matter questions
  • Mock Exams
  • Dual coding revision

During the latter stages of our student’s course, I plan to provide them with the above material which I believe will aid them in the preparation for their forth coming exams.

In preparation for T-Levels we need to show the industry that we are working alongside them and want to have a higher level of students to be able to come to our college for education and feel confident that we are giving the students the finest chance to be the best of their game.

Using subject-specific materials in Google make this accessible to students, staff and employers easy to access on our Digital Resource Platform.

Aims and desirable outcomes

During my project I would like students to make connections between industry standards and exam preparation by holding onto their knowledge and be able to put into practice on the salon floor.

The ideal outcome of this project for me would be that students come away from their course with confidence to work in a salon, and share their college experience with peers and clients.

Aims and desirable outcomes

  • Conduct a base line ‘feeling’ of students prior and after this project
  • Compare exam results from previous years students to this current year
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