Codes to success: Building a Portfolio of Key Employability Skills

Understanding of the valuable transferable employment skills they are building – providing them with tangible examples in preparation to present to an employer, or to build a successful Curriculum Vitae.

About the project

What is the project about?

To ultimately help students to understand that during their English lessons they are building a vast range of employment skill-based examples, which can be used as evidence in an interview with an employer, or as part of a job application.


Aims and desirable outcomes

  • My students will recognise and understand the seven transferable employability skills they have built up during their time in the classroom. That they have successfully maintained an evidence-based portfolio of class comments and justifications of where they have identified and demonstrated the seven transferable employability skills.
  • To see the students, reflect and feedback on their experience of engaging with the employability skills in relation to their programme of study.
  • They will feel more confident in understanding that they have gained valuable transferrable skills to use in any formal interview or completion of a curriculum vitae.

How is the impact of the project being measured?

Alison French on what is happening

  • To launch the project the students will complete an Employer style short questionnaire to gauge what they understand the seven employability skills to be. Evidence will be collated onto a spreadsheet producing a graph.
  • Each lesson the students will be able to verbally feedback and provide written evidence of using the skills during their class time, in the form of a portfolio (A6 notebook)
  • Evidence from their verbal engagement will be recorded during a lesson against their name held on a list, so that the tutor can help inform the students portfolio.
  • Evidence collated from their written response (which forms their portfolio) will be marked by the tutor and recorded on a google spreadsheet: Full understanding and demonstration, some understanding and demonstration, none or no understanding or demonstration. The boundaries will be further broken down to allow for students that understand but have not demonstrated or vice versa. 
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