Interactive web design and marketing

Interactive web design experience and marketing and promotional awareness - by Chris Bryant.

About the project

What is the project about?

The level 2 creative media learners have started a web design project which will support their progression on to level 3 creative media as it is to design and develop a portfolio website which they will be required to keep updated throughout the year. This portfolio website will showcase their development on the course and will serve as their body of work to support their application to level 3 creative media.

It is my intention to further the learning and development of students on the creative media course. The area I have decided to focus is within the level 2 creative media course, as progression from level 2 to level 3 has been lacking in recent years due to the requirements of level 3 not being embodied into the level 2 course. I will support my delivery of this assignment brief with the requirement of all learners to present their research and development on this assignment in an InDesign digital sketchbook, which is the requirement of all level 3 learners. I will support this by conducting a series of workshops in Adobe InDesign to teach the learners how to produce a digital sketchbook to contain their research and development work. I have made an educational account with the industry leading web design platform Webflow, which will allow me to collaborate and manage the websites the learners produce. 

Additionally, to delivering an assignment with the requirements of the level 3 course, I have contacted a leading design agency, who will be coming into the college to do a guest speaker role with members of their marketing and web design department to highlight the importance of presentation and promotion within web design in order to develop a portfolio website to showcase their progression. 

This will also teach the learners how to promote themselves should they decide not to pursue level 3 creative media and go into the workplace. There is a total of 17 learners on the level 2 creative media course and it is my goal to achieve 100% progression this year as I achieved last year on the level 1 creative media course.

Aims and desirable outcomes

By collaborating with a successful design agency, I will be incorporating industry professionals into the course I teach on which will give the learners an awareness for the requirements of the creative industry. This will also further my own knowledge and experience by attending training in the design agency to spend time with the marketing and web design department to further my own knowledge as well as imparting this knowledge to the learners on the level 2 creative media course.

Research findings

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