Incorporating Industry leading software into syllabus to energise curriculum provision and provide a more vocational application of delivery

Successfully become an industry partner for the software firm Unreal, upgrading the college image. Project led by Nik Mellough.

About the project

What is the project about?

How the shared use of a technological resource can improve and validate the delivery of syllabus along with collaboration between departments to develop real working scenarios along with learners to see clear cause effect relationships for their work and workflow and update those involved to keep up with emerging industry practices as part of a ‘Reality Lab’.

Project work can be cross departmental, fitting in with relevant units across campus and the end results of these projects can be used as teaching resources to improve the delivery of classroom content, both locally and remotely.

What is the benefit to students?

More exciting, up to date content delivery using resources that are free to use at home.

I matrix of unit possibility across engineering, media and computing will be investigating.

With wider reach into science, travel & tourism etc.

The Reputation of Unreal and being an authorised partner will also be a draw for prospective students and will improve computing credibility for the Inspire Education Group.

How will the impact of the project be measured?

Successfully become an industry partner for the software firm Unreal, upgrading the college image. Providing a means for cross departmental integration and collaboration by identifying existing entry points in existing unit delivery throughout the college.

I have discussed possible funding for cutting edge hardware with Ruth Hovell as there are valid paths to continue the reach of this project into HE ensuring retention and academic progression for learners.

In addition, I would like to investigate bridging FE to HE to encourage further development developed and executed by learners between levels 1 to 6.

What will the outcome be?

Sign posting for CPD resources for staff and learners.

Greater integration into the Air Defence and Aeronautical Engineering aspects of the college.

Lesson plans or outlines that act as a starting point which could be adapted to multiple use case scenarios.

A collaborative outline justifying the use of this technology and a roadmap for future steps.

Research findings

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