Information Technology Gaming Project

Focusing on developing a new qualification pathway in Digital Gaming.

About the project

What is the project about?

Key staff in the IT department are going to network with games design companies to investigate software that can be embedded in the delivery of a new Digital Gaming qualification. Staff will be working closely with industry partners to analyse the intent of the current curriculum offer and see if it matches industries requirements.

Key staff will be going to industrial partners and working collaboratively to develop a blended learning package that can be embedded in a new digital gaming qualification for delivery in September 2022.

We have two lecturers with a gaming development background who will work together to develop the software with support from industry to allow us to develop a new qualification, providing an alternative gaming pathway in the curriculum offer helping to broaden student’s employability prospects.

Key staff will then develop schemes of learning in preparation for delivery of the new qualification in September 2022.

What is the benefit to students?

We are planning to develop IT gaming qualifications in the IT curriculum offer. There is student demand for digital gaming to be introduced to broaden their skill base. There will be 115 students who will have access to this qualification pathway to broaden their employability prospects.

How will the impact of the project be measured?

The curriculum intent needs to be re-aligned to include gaming technology.

What will the outcome be?

New student resource will be available for students to study digital gaming to enhance their skill base in preparation for the world of work.

Research findings

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