Appreciative inquiry into learning / curriculum design during Covid Lockdown

This project will explore how teaching staff developed new tools to enhance learning during Covid lockdown. Project led by Steve Saffhill.

About the project

What is the project about?

This project will explore how teaching staff developed new tools to enhance learning during Covid lockdown.  

The use of appreciative inquiry is a positive approach to learning about the tutor’s experiences during lockdown and focus on the new learning tools used that were deemed a success.


The project will explore the success tutors have had with the use of new learning tools that were used during the Covid lockdown.


The plan will be to demonstrate a variety of tools that cover the spectrum of the learning cycle.  This may include:

  • Roadmapping a session
  • Initial assessments
  • Motivating learners
  • Delivering new skills and knowledge
  • Providing an environment for learners to demonstrate their understanding and tutors to assess their understanding
  • Enhancing the reflective skills of the learners.


The output for this project will include a number of short videos that highlight the use of innovative tools.  These will not be long, instructive videos, but short, dynamic videos with an intention to motivate tutors to find out more about new learning tools.


This is linked to the Teaching and Learning Strategy’s priorities:

  1. Place high-quality teaching and learning at the centre of a dynamic curriculum by highlighting best practice
  2. Establish a culture of continuous professional development by motivating learners to try out new tools
  3. Prepare learners for the world of work by promoting the use of digital technologies
  4. Promoting and developing learner independence by developing activities that motivate new learning
  5. Embed and develop digital technologies and resources by promoting their use with tutors.

What is the benefit to students?

The sharing of the project resources will provide a variety of ideas to help all tutors develop their own practice. The dissemination of the project output will be in the form of short videos and delivery at a CPD training day.

How will the impact of the project be measured?

The target is to produce at least ten short videos that cover different processes in the learning cycle. The short videos will not intend to instruct how to use  different learning tools, but stimulate interest and further exploration for the tutors.

What will the outcome be?

The appreciative inquiry process will focus on what went well during the period for the Covid lockdown.  The dialogue will identify stories of success and new tools that had an impact on learning.

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