Applying Google Digital Skills to self and peer assessments - sub focus on mock exams/formative tests

Can the use of Google digital skills support self and peer assessment activities in the classroom and impact on learner confidence in exams and tests?

About the project

What is the benefit to students?

  • Learner receives feedback from more than one source (balanced view?)
  • Feedback can be available digitally and not dependent on meetings or lecturer timescales
  • Provides a very focussed platform for learner and lecturer to work on development needs for mocks and tests
  • Promotes ownership of learning and collaboration skills in learners
  • All BTEC learners in the Business department but can be rolled out to any department/educational organisational that has Google

How will the impact of the project be measured?

  • Level of confidence indicators prior and after use of digital skills applied to controlled test activities
  • Higher level of adoption of digital skills for self and peer assessment activities
  • Increase in speed of turnover of the assessment of mocks and tests
  • Evidence of learner developing skills in communicating with others
  • Ultimately (but not testable during the life of the project), better exam/test results

What will the outcome be?

  • Training for learners on assessment against marking grids or test parameters

Research findings

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