Active recall strategies for exam and test preparation

What impact does active recall have on the confidence levels in students, when preparing for assessments (exam and class-based tests, rather than assignments)? Project led by Naomi Hand.

About the project

What is the benefit to students?

Recall of information for two business exams (closed book), particularly terminology and core principles for application to case studies.

30 Level 3 Year 2 students

How will the impact of the project be measured?

I will work with Level 3 Year 2 Business students in advance of two mid-January exams, facilitating workshop sessions on active recall practice and strategies. 

Students will use RAG rating (already used and not new to them) to choose areas for focus by learning outcome for two exam-based units. 

They will then consider active recall strategies (with guidance) and apply those they feel most confident with. 

After this work, this will RAG rate themselves again looking for areas which have developed and areas which require further work.

I will record the RAG rating before and after, as well as discuss the benefits that students have found in using active recall strategies.

What will the outcome be?

Student and staff resources on methods of active recall. 

How will findings be collated?

Presentation of data collection on RAG rating’s before and after active recall activities (table and report format)

Presentation of active recall method resources, suitable for GSuite.

Presentation of student feedback on the effectiveness of the methods provided in a report format.

Summary of project and results in a presentation, with audio commentary.

Research findings

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